Post Conference Training

Take the opportunity to polish up your skills and become an expert in key JAMIS product areas.  The Summit Post-Conference agenda includes in-depth training courses from JAMIS instructors covering Distribution & Assets Management, Business Planning, BI & Reporting, Financials, and Human Capital Management (HCM).  In addition, JAMIS users will have the opportunity to earn CPE credits by attending our post-conference training event.  See the details below for each available course.


Business Planning

Basics See More >

Advanced See More >

Proposal Process See More >

Budgets and Sandboxes See More >



Development & Customization

Creating Customizations See More >

Mobile Customizations See More >

Generic Inquiries See More >

Analytical Report Manager See More >



Purchasing Basics See More >

Advanced Purchasing See More >

Asset Management See More >

Advanced Assets See More >



PTO Management and Reconciliation

See More >

Expense See More >

Allocations See More >

Actual Rates See More >


Human Capital Management

Getting More Out of Your Human Capital Management System (2 Part Session) See More >

JAMIS Human Capital Management Business Intelligence Basic Training (2 Part Session) See More >


Managing Prime 7.0 New Features

Workspaces and Navigation 

See More >

Workflows See More 

Extending Inquiry Functionality 

See More >

Security See More >