JAMIS Summit 2021 is on the Horizon. Why this could be the best customer event yet!

Our most recent 2019 JAMIS Summit in Charleston, South Carolina was a great success with the highest number of customer and partner companies represented to date! The JAMIS community came together to learn and develop their professional skills, share solutions to complex challenges, explore what’s possible with a modern technology platform, and shape the future of their business.

But we’re always striving to make each event better than the last.  After each Summit, the JAMIS team gets together to talk about what we learned from the event and what steps we can take to improve the next time around.  We’ve gotten great feedback from customers both in-person and via event surveys to help us better understand what’s working for our customers, and also what needs improvement.  We’ve found that it’s a constant learning process, and each year we try and bring fresh ideas, new tools, creative scheduling, new speakers, and more innovation to make each event more unique and valuable than the last.  So naturally, we’re excited to talk about some of the great new things coming to our event in 2021.

What’s New at Summit 2021?

  • Matchmaking Sessions: Next year in Nashville, we will have matchmaking sessions at our Customer Basecamp, where attendees can pre-book appointments with top JAMIS professionals to discuss best practices within JAMIS' software applications, and help with any questions they may have. You’ll be able to easily view our support staff calendar online, find a time that works best for you and your team, and schedule your meeting before you get to the event. We believe this will enhance the overall experience for our customers significantly, and allow you to make the most of your time while at the event.

  • Schedule a JAMIS Prime Tune-Up! The JAMIS team wants to give you the tools to build the absolute best user experience. By interacting with JAMIS experts directly, customers can convey their tool’s ideal experience. Users who have a great experience with the tool will use it more, passing the advantage on to their own users. As Bill Gates once said, “The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” We will now be offering the ability to pre-book 2 to 4-hour appointments with JAMIS experts to take a consultative review of system use, processes, procedures, and recommend best practices, tricks and tips, shortcuts, reporting & dashboard options, and much more!

  • Day one is all about the JAMIS Prime ERP product: The JAMIS Town Hall will now take up the majority of our first-day session at JAMIS Summit 2021. JAMIS Prime is a dynamic software package that touches many aspects of a company’s business including accounting, job costing, finance, project management, procurement, compliance, and much more. Any company with JAMIS Prime ERP system in place is making an investment in the future of their company. Prime is a robust source of data and functionality. It’s best to try to get the most out of the product, from basic to advanced use.  Our Town Hall will show you whether your knowledge is current or whether you need to increase your proficiency in certain areas.

  • Breakout Course Tracks for Every Skill Level: Do you have new hires who have just started using Prime and need a base level of learning in the system? How about experts who have plenty of knowledge on the system, but need to take their game to the next level?  We’ve got something for everyone at Summit 2021.  We’ll have specific tracks setup with easy to understand course descriptions so that, no matter what experience level your users may be, there is tremendous value to be gained at this event.  As the great Benjamin Franklin once said, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Stay tuned for the preliminary agenda to debut in early 2021.

  • Simplified & Web-Based CPE Course Credits: The pain of tracking what courses are available and what continuing education credits are being offered is now over. JAMIS is upgrading to a new Event Management tool, where you’ll have access to a modern, mobile-responsive, and fully detailed events calendar. Customers will be able to easily browse and find the right events for them. You will be able to see Summit events in either a list or week calendar view and have multiple options to filter. You can search by keyword, event date, location, event type, audience, and other event fields. And when you arrive at the event, there will now be easy tablet-based check-in at registration, courses will have web-based sign-ins for continuing education credits (CPE), and you’ll be able to easily track what you’ve attended and automatically be sent a downloadable certificate after attending a course.


More information to be announced regarding pricing and dates. For more information about the event, pricing, venue, sponsorship opportunities, and more, contact summit@jamis.com